National Bankcard: Revolutionizing Payment Ecosystem in Retail

National Bankcard: Revolutionizing Payment Ecosystem in Retail

Payment experience continues to be at the heart of an integrated strategy for retailers today. Many retailers are investing in mobile apps to ensure smooth and secure payment transactions. However, the growing mix of payment methods, changing regulatory environment, online fraud, and the lack of technical expertise is presenting a greater challenge to the retailers. These challenges have resulted in greater complexities, creating a ripple effect on profit margins. Besides modern technology, the retailers also require support from retail experts to improve the payment experience. New York-based company National Bankcard tackles these challenges by providing a state-of-the-art omnichannel payment solution along with support services for quick setup and easy integration. “National Bankcard’s payment solutions include terminals, virtual gateways, as well as point of sale (POS) for retail and mobile solutions. The retailers can accept credit cards over-the-counter as well as online, seamlessly,” begins Jon Monge, CEO of National Bankcard.

National Bankcard provides a robust customer support that educates merchants to make informed decisions regarding payment processing solutions. Having a customer-centric approach, the company spends a significant amount of time listening to the customers and understanding their challenges to provide the best solution. “Whether it's a cash advance, gift card program, or a loyalty program, retailers are struggling to learn about all these options and digest surfing around the website and signing up online,” says Monge. National Bankcard’s success in maintaining highest merchant retention rate is driven by their exceptional customer support department which helps the retail clients to choose the right technology from a plethora of mobile apps and products available in the marketplace to optimize payment processing.

Furthermore, the company’s retail experts provide clients a seamless experience and a plan for future growth. The experts understand the challenges faced by brick and mortar as well as online retailers by studying the overall facts and figures using custom-built CRM system. The CRM system creates a checklist based on the rate and type of the merchant’s inventory and analyzes their business needs. In addition, the company provides training that helps retailers to manage sales by integrating the entire sales channel.

National Bankcard’s payment solutions span everything from terminals and virtual gateways to the point of sales for retail and mobile solutions

Leveraging online management tools, retailers record all the online and in-store transactions making refund process easier, while eliminating fraud.

In addition, National Bankcard also offers an intuitive, user-friendly merchant interface that enables retailers to upload photo-based inventory, process sales, view reports online, and process refunds and tips. The interface also provides seamless integration with QuickBooks enabling retailers to post payments to invoices and import transactions from their terminal. The company also offers retailers the flexibility to accept all types of credit card and chip card payments through Apple Pay and EMV compatible terminals. Having the goal of helping retailers adapt to the digital age, National Bankcard provides retailers the ability to accept mobile payments and track sales anytime, anywhere around the world. Through the POS processing system, the firm can help brands stay relevant to current trends and provide customers with personalized experiences while staying PCI compliant. Furthermore, National Bankcard’s online processing services turn merchant’s website into an e-commerce destination. This allows customers to shop on the go while reinforcing retailer’s brand throughout the checkout process.

With such exciting features, National Bankcard has helped several retail companies, providing them with better sales and secure payment processing systems. Having the vision to expand their business globally, the firm looks forward to extending their solution by adding additional features. They are also looking to increase their footprint taking talent professionals onboard along the retail journey.