Metrics Global: Unique, Strategic Global Payments Solution Partners

Metrics Global: Unique, Strategic Global Payments Solution Partners

Wendy M. Yurgo, President & CEO, Metrics GlobalWendy M. Yurgo, President & CEO
In today’s competitive retail arena, retailers are struggling to manage fraud and multicurrency transactions even as they look to expand globally and stay profitable. The retail payments industry is in dire need of inventive technology solutions and services. Originally a corporate attorney, Wendy M. Yurgo saw first hand businesses that had been vastly underserved by their payment processors. She founded Metrics Global to help retailers avail the latest and the greatest technology backed by superior service to overcome their business obstacles. Metrics Global’s maxim is to solve real-world payment problems for every client, every day.

Metrics Global’s approach and unique work culture is centered on understanding the client, inside out. Having a consultative approach, Metrics Global equips itself with the information about client’s existing IT infrastructure and growth plans. With thorough understanding of customer’s needs, Metrics Global offers customized payment solutions that allow customers to mitigate and overcome their payment-related challenges. The company goes the extra mile in addressing client’s challenges by assigning a dedicated relationship manager. The manager takes a proactive stance in engaging with clients becoming a strategic consultant to preemptively address potential payment related obstacles. Metrics Global’s ability to maintaining consistent interaction and delivering timely KPI reports has been a key differentiator.

“Technology has provided a level playing field—where technology companies such as Apple and Samsung have become full-fledged payment companies,” says Wendy. From a payment company perspective, it is crucial to adapt, evolve and get the right technology and people on board to stay relevant in the market. “At Metrics Global, we consider ourselves not only a payments company, but also a technology company.”

At Metrics Global, we consider ourselves not only a payments company, but also a technology company

To elaborate, Metrics Global has mobile payment solutions, vault storage for card data, tokenization-enabled solutions, multi-currency processing capability, card updater services, and advanced fraud protection tools. These features secure, encrypt, and tokenize card data and mitigate data security concerns while maintaining a seamless consumer experience. The company also provides alternative payment processes and loyalty payments program to make payment easy.

Metrics Global integrates with EMV computer chip enabled with ne ar field communication to provide an excellent international payment solutions. With the rise of the global ec onomy, Metrics Global helps retailers expand their businesses globally, allowing them to transact seamlessly in multiple currencies, wherever they operate in. The company has a multi-currency platform that facilitates transactions in over 130 currencies and allows clients to add multiple currencies to their e-Commerce websites. International expansion can be challenging and frequently multi-staged. One of their clients recently was able to mitigate these complexities when they initially expanded to Canada. Shortly thereafter, with Metrics Global’s strategic and technological support, the client has now expanded their business to Europe and now has eyes toward Asia.

Metrics Global is focused on constantly enhancing their products and solutions to stay ahead of the payment processing evolutionary curve. Moreover, they are equipping themselves to tackle the current payment problems in countries that have stringent regulations. Businesses value and seek Metrics Global’s strategic support allowing them to focus on their core business areas and increase profit. “The unique combination of a deep dedication toward understanding our client’s business operations and providing cutting edge payments solutions is surely a winner for our clients,” concludes Yurgo.