TEMPOE: Retail Within Reach

TEMPOE: Retail Within Reach

Chris Garrido, President, TEMPOEChris Garrido, President
Imagine a world where credit doesn’t matter while making purchases; where customers get the merchandise they need without waiting for credit approvals, including low manageable payments, with the assurance to own the product quickly. A world where retailers grow their business by providing customers with no credit required shopping and several payment options to allow shoppers take home brands they love. TEMPOE turns this imagination into reality. Aiming to bring ‘retail within reach,’ Manchester, New Hampshire-based TEMPOE provides innovative payment technology solutions for issuers and affinity partners. The company’s core technology offers a scalable omni-channel non- FICO based finance platform for the next-generation.

TEMPOE’s strength is their ability to integrate their solutions with retailer’s systems and provide payment options to the consumers allowing them to make purchases that they don’t otherwise have access to. “This is why we believe we aren’t just a partner, but the right partner,” says Chris Garrido, President of TEMPOE. The company provides several flexible payment options that can be directly integrated with the POS, the waterfall repayment system, and third-party providers. “We also provide standalone solutions through web, kiosk, and mobile based applications.” Augmenting this integration, TEMPOE’s customer support organization and homegrown tools play a key role in enabling greater user experience for consumers while driving the ROI for the clients.

The company also offers payment options that do not require retail associate interventions. These payment options are tailored according to the organizational retail payment process which simplifies the workflow. “We focus on reducing the friction throughout the retail journey by reducing the number of interactions.

We focus on reducing the friction throughout the retail journey by reducing the number of interactions

We want the transaction to look exactly like it does for any other payment option, this allows TEMPOE to become just another type of payment tender option without the need for installing additional touchpoints,” adds Garrido. Furthermore, TEMPOE can integrate with major retailers, third-party intermediaries, and other solution providers. This allows the users to leverage all the tools available for fraud protection and payment processing for any sized retailer.

Companies in the retail payments arena are witnessing constant pressure to continually increase their market share while reducing risks, fraud, and cost; all while supporting the ease and avenues that deliver greater consumer experience in payment processing. TEMPOE manages security from the ground up as part of their offerings to both protect the consumer and avoid expenditure on costly security solutions. Additionally, TEMPOE constantly enhances their payment process to improve fraud detection in an ongoing manner.

TEMPOE’s availability in all the fifty states, as well as Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands, allows any multi-state or a national retailer to have TEMPOE’s simple payment solutions implemented in their business environment. Through a single solution, the customers can simplify training, marketing execution, and operational functions for the retail partner.

Being laser focused on implementing the latest technology including Artificial Intelligence (AI), TEMPOE looks forward to offering customers seamless omnichannel solutions to improve business outcomes.

The company is currently driving toward becoming a plug-and-play financial services firm providing retailers the omnichannel payment experience. Backed by experienced leadership, TEMPOE has emerged as a dominant force in the retail payments arena and is committed to helping clients attract and retain more customers.