PXP: Payment Processing Platform for Retailers

PXP: Payment Processing Platform for Retailers

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Mike Day, CEO, PXPMike Day, CEO
Changes to stores, technology, and customer buying habits have transformed the retail landscape in recent times. Customers don’t think of themselves as brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, or omnichannel shoppers. To them, it’s all just shopping. They expect to buy and return goods in a way that suits them. When it comes to delivering this, back-end capability drives the front-end customer experience. To support the omnichannel demands of their customers, retailers need to deliver next-generation point of sale and integrated back-end systems.

PXP is helping retailers realize their omnichannel ambitions across Europe and the US. A UK-based service provider which offers a global platform for omnichannel payments, PXP allows organizations to create fully integrated customer journeys across the multiple channels. PXP’s modular, lean, and agile-developed payments solution gives retailers the flexibility to configure components in a way that makes the most sense for their business. PXP has recently been instrumental in helping major US retailers initiate and embrace EMV, powering a slicker and quicker point-of-sale experience for them, and ultimately enabling a secure, payments platform.

EMV has in turn given access to the merits of Mobile POS (mPOS), which enables staff, service, as well as payments to be mobile along with revamping a retail store’s layout entirely. If staff members serve customers from any location in-store, it can lead to the elimination of queues, and in turn, counters, and the space they occupy. “There is no need to ask customers to come to a particular part of the store to stand in line and pay at the counters,” adds Mike Day, CEO, PXP. Stores can utilize this extra space for other purposes or even reduce the store footprint.

Mobile POS brings ‘endless aisles’ in store with curated selling via a tablet or kiosk. There’s no need to lose sales if the item is not in stock.
Staff can bring the full range of goods from a website in-store by helping customers place online orders for delivery later. Cross-selling and up-selling to customers are also much easier. “Furthermore, the omnichannel approach that facilitates seamless payments across multiple channels can help stores cut costs, improve business, and increase revenue,” mentions Day.

It has been well documented through many high-profile breaches that it is tough keeping up with data security requirements. PXP negates this risk by ensuring sensitive cardholder data never exists on a point-of-sale system. The point-to-point encryption (P2PE) encrypts data directly on the PIN entry device, before sending it to a secure environment. This simplifies organizations’ Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and reduces the scope of PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) requirements. In addition, the tokenization service provides a legacy data store to help clients save the card information necessary to perform tasks like matching refunds with sales, reserving accommodation, or releasing pre-booked tickets for collection.

The omnichannel approach that facilitates seamless payments across multiple channels can help stores cut costs, improve business, and increase revenue

The remarkable resilience of PXP’s tried and tested technology ensures that there is no interruption in clients’ service even in case of internet connection errors or during peak trading times such as Black Friday. Bolstered by the expertise and vast experiences of its employees in payments technologies, PXP takes pride in its consultative approach, thus helping clients reduce costs and increase sales by embracing a reliable payment processing solution. What differentiates PXP from its competitors is that it maintains a one-to-one relationship with clients. “We recognize that each of our clients is different from the other and our technology allows us to customize the solution to best meet their requirements,” points Day.

With a history spanning 30 years, PXP has clients globally and runs its operations from the UK. PXP’s overall roadmap now revolves around strengthening its footprint in the US with ambitious plans for 2019 including opening an office and hiring a team there.