Hero Payments: Infusing Efficiency in Payments Processing

Hero Payments: Infusing Efficiency in Payments Processing

After sustaining a traumatic brain injury during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Purple Heart veteran Mychol Robirds retired from the U.S army to pursue a career in merchant services. For the next 12 years, Robirds helped business owners manage their credit card processing, transaction payments, and other financial operations. Having acquired 15000 merchants under a span of just seven years, Robirds founded Hero Payments to provide merchant processing and PIN debit payment solutions for online stores, retail companies and capital for small businesses.

In an unregulated market such as payment processing, small business owners struggle to select the right vendor that can deliver a comprehensive package that meets user’s expectations. Hero Payments offers the best-of-breed catalog of products and services at best rates to help merchants reduce the service costs in payment processing and improve the payment acceptance experience. “We practice what we preach and offer businesses the best payment processing value in the industry with complete transparency,” says Jon Stevens, VP of Hero Payments. As a veteran-owned business, the Portland-based organization also donates a portion of their sales to fundraising treatment centers for veterans with PTSD and TBI.

Apart from credit and debit card processing, Hero Payments provides gifts, royalty card services, and business loans for merchants. Stevens illustrates the methodology Hero Payments follows to help businesses in financial services. To understand the unique needs of each client, the ‘Heroes’ of the organization sit with the customers at their office and collaborate with strategic partners—payroll providers and HR management firms. Collecting all the information from the client, Hero Payments designs a customized full-scale plan in a package that merchants can leverage in driving their business.

From other lists of services, Hero Payments provides fraud-proof functionalities in the POS systems that ensure only the right people have access to their accounts. Apart from enterprise-grade smart terminals, Hero Payments has designed a free app with mobile reader capability that turns a smartphone into a fully developed POS system.

We practice what we preach and offer businesses the best payment processing value in the industry with complete transparency

With the help of the app, merchants can track credit card information, process each cash transaction, and monitor their entire business directly from any device. “We make sure merchants stay compliant with the government laws and flourish in their business,” says Stevens.

For an instance, a restaurant brand at seven locations wanted to have a common payment process for all of their branches and make their customers feel secure. Hero Payments started a pay-at-the-table program and put together a wireless payment system to transact from the diners. This ingenious solution helped the restaurant brand to improve turn time rate on the tables by 40 percent and kept the card holder’s information secure.

There are various vendors in the market that offer an interchanged cost-plus program to their clients. With 752 different types of credit cards issued in the U.S every year, merchants have to cope with 752 categories of costs. In this regard, Hero Payments offers only one rate that enables customers to keep a track of their payments at the end of each month.

In 2018, Hero Payments has ventured to the medical and recreational marijuana merchants arena to offer credit, debit card processing, and fully-insured FDIC bank accounts. Sprinting ahead, the organization is working on a large international operation that will prove to be a huge benefit for the CBD industry.