Gearfire ™ Payments: Offering Robust Payment Processing Solutions

Gearfire Payments: Offering Robust Payment Processing Solutions

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Taylor Phillipps, Executive Director, Gearfire™ PaymentsTaylor Phillipps, Executive Director
“Our goal is to help businesses easily sell online or in-store, all while effortlessly getting paid. We take care of the entire setup process and provide actionable reporting so businesses can leverage our payment processing solutions to make better decisions every day,” begins Taylor Phillipps, Executive Director of Payments, Gearfire™. Staying true to this objective for the last eight years, the company today has emerged as a leading eCommerce, Point of Sale, and Merchant Service solutions provider—dedicated to the shooting sports industry.

Having such extensive experience, Gearfire understands that businesses are always concerned about how long it will take to set up a payment processing function. To better address this, the company has ensured that its process is fast, easy, and as user friendly as possible. Also, in today’s retail environment, it is vital that every business provides an omnichannel experience. “We enable that by handling the entire integration process, providing simple pricing and top-notch customer service,” states Phillipps.“We always focus on putting the customer first – all the time. More importantly, we partner with hardware providers that focus on contactless payment solutions for mobile, standalone terminals and integrated processing to help our clients ensure a healthy and safe experience.”
What steers Gearfire Payments ahead is its top tier customer service, simplified pricing that breaks the industry norm, and willingness to work with businesses that are labelled as “high risk” and not pr operly served by other credit card processing companies. With no annual price increases and no cancellation or early termination fees, the company is committed to helping businesses succeed. A great example of their collaboration with a client is Sprague’s Sports. Earlier this year, it set up the entire Gearfire suite for the client, including a Gearfire eCommerce website, AXIS™ Point of Sale, and Gearfire Payments. While Sprague’s Sports were already using its eCommerce offering for three years, they took the plunge and now have the full suite, which has reduced their costs and streamlined their processing program. One key component was the ability to offer integrated EMV/contactless payment on their AXIS point of sale, and eCommerce processing for their Gearfire webstore and online class signups, all through a single merchant account.

Such has been the prowess that Gearfire Payments has created in the last five years by perfecting its solution for the shooting sports industry and is excited to expand to new verticals. “Fishing, archery, camping and any general outdoors retailer can now take advantage of Gearfire Payments. Our goal is to help the entire outdoor industry grow and find success both in-store and online,” says Phillipps. Although they have focused heavily on the retail sector, Gearfire Payments is strategically positioned to help B2B customers. Manufacturers, distributors, and technology partners can take advantage of its top-tier customer service and simplified pricing too. Gearfire Payments has successfully partnered with companies like ActiveCampaign, CityGro, Campaign Monitor, and more to help countless businesses achieve their goals.
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Gearfire Payments

Scottsdale, Arizona

Taylor Phillipps, Executive Director

An industry leading software provider for eCommerce, Point of Sale and Merchant Service solutions, Gearfire Payments helps businesses achieve their goals by making it easier to sell online, collect payments and manage their in-store operations