Chosen Payments: Modern Technology Meets Payments

Chosen Payments: Modern Technology Meets Payments

Jeff Brodsly, President & CEO, Chosen PaymentsJeff Brodsly, President & CEO
Retail businesses are looking for opportunities to exploit their existing infrastructure to understand their customers and engage them in better ways. While payment processing providers have restricted themselves to clearing the payments, they can leverage the ongoing digital revolution and the concomitant data proliferation to deliver a higher value the retailers are looking for. As a payment processing services provider with a difference, Chosen Payments is leading the retail payments arena in not only on allowing retailers to facilitate seamless transactions, but also improving productivity through customer engagement while reducing the spend.

Chosen Payments takes a consultative approach to understand the customer’s needs and provide personalized solutions that align with their unique requirements. In every client engagement, a dedicated expert caters to the holistic needs of the organization, thus setting up the mantle for a meaningful business relationship. With this approach, the firm comprehends clients’ needs from a technology perspective and gives them access to the right tools to deal with chargeback for online reporting systems or integration into their ERP or POS. Driven by integrity, transparency, and innovative proprietary technology, Chosen Payments is always looking for ways to make the retailers more profitable. “We are not only a technology solution provider but also a strategic partner for our clients,” says Jeff Brodsly, President, and CEO of Chosen Payments.

Leveraging Chosen Payments’ intuitive technology, retailers can process a credit card at a low rate. Aligned with multiple POS vendors, the company facilitates payment processing either through direct integration or a third-party gateway. Through this strategy, the firm leverages data to enhance customer engagement before, during, and after the transaction is made.

We are not only a technology solution provider but also a strategic partner for our clients

Additionally, Chosen Payments has developed a user-friendly dashboard that provides improved visualization in various areas ranging from gateway integrations to technical support to account reconciliation. This facilitates the PCI compliance for the retailers based on the number of transactions as well as the means for accepting these transactions. It also offers retailers with a comprehensive reporting of submissions through the dashboards that helps evade data breach. Further, with the availability of easy-to-read, color-coded statements, clients can get insights into their spending which allows them to concentrate more on delivering greater value and enhanced customer experience and less time sorting data on sheets. Among the many integration methods available, the firm’s API and hosted payment page allow encryption that reinforces a retailer’s ability to gain higher ROI through their custom POS system.

Additionally, the company helps clients find answers to their queries and also predicaments by directly calling a dedicated account manager to solve their most pressing business challenges quickly. “We strive to address customer’s requirements through a single phone call without getting them transferred from one department to other,” says Brodsly. As a testimony to the firm’s proficiency in delivering more than just payment processing, Kitchen a la mode, a retail company attests that Chosen Payments has significantly lowered the burden of maintaining expense accounts. The client was given the flexibility to view the savings displayed in their account much faster.

Building on their prowess in the wake of today’s rampant technological evolution, Chosen Payments continues to offer innovative products and services that cater to the evolving market demands. Enabled with a dynamic workforce, the firm is focused on developing deep relationships with customers and efficiently growing with them. Setting a revolutionary trend in payment process for retailers through their pragmatic technology, Chosen Payments looks forward to bridge the gap between modern technology and retail payment landscape.